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Founder : Mr.Shivajirao Bhanudas Kardile
MLA Of Maharashtra 1995 To 2019.
Established Shri Baneshwar Shikshan Sanstha in 1989.
Shri Baneshwar Shikshan Sanstha is founded & registered in 1989 by the devoted group of people working in the field of social work with the main objective of education and to rural masses to youths, women, and children for increasing their economical stability through employment or self-employment generation for them. It set the mission of breaks the barrier of illiteracy,poverty, outdated traditions and brings the population to join the main stream by giving them best education with best education practices being followed in the campus. Shri Baneshwar Shikshan Sanstha conducting many Women & Child Development activities like School for slum area children, Crèches, College for very poor family youths, Support to training & Employment Generation Programmes for women, Youths. Free Family Counseling Center for the Women, Modern Vocational Training Programmes for youths, women. Skill Development and entrepreneurship development activities, Women Rights Awareness Camps, Youth Camps, Farmers clubs/groups formation, Medical Checkup Camps for slum area women.


  1. To Run Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools in Rural and Urban areas.
  2. To Run Adult Education and Childcare Center.
  3. To Run a Public Library.
  4. To Conduct Sport Events.
  5. To Give Employment Oriented guidance for educator unemployed.
  6. To Transmitting Literacy.
  7. To Try to improve the Educational Status and the Students by giving rewards for the Students in the Village.
  8. To Run Secondary and Higher Secondary College of various Subjects as well as State and Central OBC,SC,VJNT,SBC,ST AND Secondary residential School and Technological and Industrial School.
  9. According to importance of English language to run Pri Primary, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary English medium Schools.
  10. To execute various Social and Educational Project for Women’s Development.
  11. To execute various Sport activities Project for Development Ex- Swimming, Sport Club and Sport Grounds.



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